Memories From Our Classmates



Oh yes, Miss Whitten! She was just such a with-it lady and teacher! My fondest memory? Being a good friend of Donna Whitten when Miss Whitten married Donna’s older brother. Donna’s group thought we were all very cool now that we had a teacher in the “family”. However, this brought us no perks or homework extensions!

Thinking about this reminds me of all the pajama parties at Donna’s house. Wearing our baby doll pj’s (young and good figures all – at that time!), we would stay up all night dancing to those wonderful songs like Runaround Sue (we sang it as Runaround Kuh because we though George Kuh was just so dreamy – sorry George, now you know!).

Those wonderful sock hops in the gym when we actually had to remove our shoes and wear bobby socks. Bobby socks? Can we really be that old to have been considered a bobby socker?????

I am sorry to miss the reunion but send my fondest regards and memories to Donna Whitten, Sharon Britton, Armen, Sally Steffan and anyone else in attendance who would remember me with the same esteem. Have fun, take care, and God bless!

Linda Wentzel Darnstadt


Since I won't be at the reunion I guess I have a lot to say. Reflecting off of your memory list brought back many memories, thanks.


Day after prom we'd be speeding at 95 MPH down the expressway to get to Starved Rock State Park only to hike all day long to get to horse shoe falls.
Coach Lyons, a perfect gentleman who gained respect of his students because he treated everyone with respect. Mr. "G" was also a favorite.
Ice cream cones were definitely an element of our youth: The Rainbow Cone place near 95th & Western, Diary Queen, Prince Castle, and Sophie's Plush Horse out in Palos.
Does anyone know where to find, Dick Humphrey, George Korbakes, or Bruce Cullen?

First Kiss memories best relate to individuals, Joe Dykstra, Terry Watland, Jimmy Lee Anderson (he was my summer romancer), Dick Humphrey, Bobby Lundman, but I have been kissing Roger Freeman for 15,544 days since our first kiss. Hope you all have a wonderful time at the reunion. Best Wishes to all.

 Cheryl Bambach Freeman


I was at the Lyric Theatre the day it burned down. The picture playing was "Cash MaCall" with Natalie Wood and James Garner.  I don't think any of us in the theatre that day realized the seriousness of the situation until hours later.  I was there with some girlfriends and Terry McIntyre.  We thought it was a great adventure - ah, the naivety of youth!  Mr. Hertz (Jane's Hertz's dad) was the manager of the theatre then.  I remember seeing the look on his face and wondering why he was so worried.  Little did we know... We were all evacuated very quickly and in an orderly way.  It was just a miracle that no one was injured or killed.  Gee, haven't thought about that in years.   

Sherry Burgess Sackrison


Prince Castle: Marshmallow/pineapple malts with pistachio nut ice-cream.

The Grill: Frying stale breakfast rolls in butter on the grill.

The Lyric Theater: One Saturday during the summer I gave my money to the box office and was given an adult ticket. I insisted that I would not turn 12 until late in August but the ticket taker would not return my change, denying me the popcorn and soda it would purchase. I spent the rest of the day with my companion gathering a couple of mason jars full of lightening bugs. We attended the Saturday night performance and shortly after the main movie began, a Sci-fi film, we released our catch and felt a profound sense of justice as the wonderful bugs flew around and created a harmless if disproportionate answer to the relatively small overcharge! 



I spent a lot of my youth Drag Racing. Not in my own car, but in Eddie Urbancik's 57 Chevy "The Dent". It was called "THE DENT" because when Eddie bought it the left quarter panel from the drivers door all the way back was wrecked. Otherwise the car was a beautiful classic 57 Belaire in Bronze. Eddie was the most active street racer I ever seen and would run against anything they could drive up to Dog N Suds in Oak Lawn. He was only beaten twice that I can remember, once by a Corvette (Drabeck's) and a unknown 62 409 Chevy. This was the most spectacular loss I can remember.

The race took place in the forest preserve on RT 83 in front of the Swallow Cliff toboggan slides. Eddie was in the left lane. When they came out of the hole Eddie jumped right out in front by a couple of cars. When he power shifted into 2nd gear he spun the slicks loose causing the car to fish tale 180 degrees causing him to spin from his lane right across the 409's lane and onto the shoulder of the road out the way. Only because Eddie was so far out in front,  the 409 did not hit him as he slid thru the 409's lane. The 409 kept going and won the race. He promptly came back and collected his money. We of course wanted a rerun, double or nothing, but the 409 new he had gotten lucky and beaten a much faster car and declined any rerun. He disappeared with the money never to be seen again. 

Ken Cohen


Barb DeSanto, Jean Haggen, Maryanne Agen(all class of 63) and me were "cruizin" the Suds for guys one night.  We met a car full of guys from Beverly Hills and invited them back to Barbs house.  When we got there her mom said, "Well Barb, now who are these nice boys"?  Barbara proceeded to make up five first and last names (bless her) and we had to remember them for the rest of the night. Barb dated one of them for about six months and we never did call him by his real name.  Fun memories!

Janet Slawinksi


When the Lyric reopened after the fire they hired three ushers that I remember. Dick Deforte was the first one hired, I was second, and Wayne Sneed was third. Jane Hetzner's dad was the manager. When I would work late he would give me a ride home, as I didn't drive yet.

Rich Anderson