December 25, 2015


The 50th class reunion is behind us.  Though turnout was smaller than we had hoped, the reunion was a

success.  And while it’s too early for us to talk about scheduling a 55th, there are a few things we'd

like the class to know, and a few things to think about:


First, we now have a Facebook page, “DDE Class of 1964,” where classmates who are on Facebook

are exchanging pictures, memories, and information about how they’re doing today.  If you have a

Facebook account, please go to the page and click "Join Group."  Either of the admins, John Konicek

or Armen Varteressian, will be happy to add you to the group.


Next, several small groups have been talking about local mini-reunions.  You might want to check with

others in your area to see if they are planning something.  It’s even been suggested that we have another

class reunion before the 55th – nothing big or expensive, just an informal gathering (like a pizza party) where

we can all get together.  In fact, several classes are combining to put on a multi-class pizza party in

September 2016 (see the link on our main web page)


Also, we are continually updating this entire website to make it more approachable and useful to all of

you.  Check the links to information on your classmates (birthdays, emails) and send any corrections to any

member of the reunion committee.


Finally, we ask all of you to share your opinions and submit suggestions for future reunions.  The committee

names and email addresses are listed below; they’d love to hear from you:


Joe Dykstra ~~

Sue Greve ~~

John Konicek ~~

Betty Lauterjung ~~

Shirley Rauch Niemeyer ~~

Bobbi Platek Pizza ~~

Charlotte Rangel ~~

Janet Ruffolo Slawinski ~~

Emma Pate Springs ~~

Sally Steffan Ryan ~~

Armen Varteressian ~~